OneSpray All Purpose Odour Eliminator

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Don’t just mask smells, eliminate them!

OneSpray Odour Eliminator is a fragrance free air freshener, so you know that it works after the first application!

OneSpray Odour Eliminator is one of our flagship products, unlike all other air fresheners, OneSpray Odour Eliminator works without enzymes or masking agents.


It works by capturing the chemicals that create bad odours and destroys them in their tracks, leaving you to decide what your environment smells like without the problem of bad odours.


Other aerosol based air freshening sprays on the market are designed to mask smells with a fragrance that linger in carpets or soft furnishings etc. which are released over time to mask the smell.

OneSpray Odour Eliminator is different, it doesn’t mask the smell it destroys and removes it permanently by method of oxidation (which is a reaction in which the odour causing electrons are lost to the air) returning your environment back to its natural, fresh and clean state.

OneSpray Odour Eliminator is a recommended alternative to potent, toxic artificial air-fresheners for people with allergies and sensitive noses.