OneSpray Auto Odour Eliminator 250ml

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As a professional driver you are used to having many people sitting in your vehicle. You don't need us to tell you that passages come in all shapes and sizes and, sometimes, are accompanied by their own personal odour.

When they leave your vehicle, the whiff remains behind sometimes for what seems like an eternity. The result is an unpleasant atmosphere for both you and your next passengers.

Using a traditional air freshener doesn't really help because it merely masks the unpleasant odour with an artificial fragrance of its own. But now a revolutionary new odour eliminator especially produced for the confined space of vehicles will improve the atmosphere for you and your passengers.

OneSpray Auto Odour Eliminator doesn't mask the offensive smell it eliminates it completely and quickly. One spray will leave your vehicle smelling natural clean and fresh.

It's available in a handy glovebox size so is readily available for a quick spray immediately after the passenger leaves

Onespray Odour Eliminator - kind to your vehicle, your passengers and your nose!