OneSpray InvisaClean multi-surface antibacterial cleaner 500ml

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The ONLY antibacterial cleaning spray that guarantees at least 3 days protection against harmful bacteria, mould and fungus!

It absorbs the harmful bacteria from our fingertips, thereby preventing cross contamination

, this means that if you’re the 1st or the 100th person to touch surfaces after OneSpray InvisaClean antibacterial cleaner has been applied, you are as protected as if you were the 1st everytime.

Use OneSpray InvisaClean antibacterial cleaner anywhere your hands touch incuding; hard surfaces – desk tops, tables tops, door handles, railings, interactive touch screens, gadgets and devices – it gently cleans any touch screen, tablet or phone and is great on glass surfaces and stainless steel to significantly reduce the transmission of harmful bacteria.

It’s quick, safe and easy to use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.