OneSpray Screen Clean antibacterial cleaning spray 30ml

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We spend a fortune on our phones, tablets and PCs but spend peanuts keeping them clean and free from harmful bacteria!

The screens can be a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty germs and bugs which can then be spread whenever we touch someone else or another surface.

Now for the first time, a low-cost antibacterial cleaner that guarantees to keep your screens free from harmful bacteria FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS is available.

OneSpray screen cleaner protects your screens, your family and your colleagues, for at least 3 days after use – guaranteed.

Also keep the bottle in your bag or pocket for those moments when you are out and have to touch a communal touch screen or toilet door. Just one Spray is all you need to protect you at home or on the go.

OneSpray Screen Cleaner – the ultimate protection for your screens and hands!